Shree Anjaneya is considered as a ‘Chinranjeevi’ in all the Yugas and a true disciple of Lord Shree Rama of Tretha Yuga. Mother Sita Devi spoke of Anjeneya in the following words, when Hanuman presented himself as Lord Rama’s messenger before her. “You are valiant, you are competent, you are learned, O best among the Vanaras! as you have assailed single handed, this abode of Rakshasas”
The origin of this Anjaneya Temple is given in the book “History of Cochin state” written by Sri.K.P.Padmanabha Menon. It is mentioned that Sri.Venkat Rao (alias Venkoba Rao) was Dewan of erstwhile Cochin state from 1856 to 1860 AD under the then Maharaja Ravi Varma. The Hanuman Temple was constructed during his period.
Sri Venkat Rao, a devout Kannada Brahmin, located and unearthed the present Hanuman idol and ritually worshipped the same in his house. Realising that the proper and ideal place for installing the Vigraha was a temple, he requested the Highness to allot suitable land for the same. The gracious king did gift the present 22 cents of land on the eastern side of the famous Siva temple (Ernakulathappan) in Ernakulam in the year 1857 corresponding to ME 1032. The Maharaja was a great worshipper and visited the temple regularly. The temple has lost a gracious patron with the death of the king in 1932.
The reigning deity was consecrated by his Holiness Viswapriya Thirtha Swamiji (1776-1865) popularly known as Vrindavana Acharya of Udupi Sode Vadiraja Mutt, at the instance of Dewan Venkat Rao. The above incident inscribed in Sanskrit on a granite block can still be seen in front of the temple. The Literary Evidence explained by Prof.A.Subramania Iyer follows. Generally, all the temples consecrated in Madhwa Sampradaya has Lord Krishna as the presiding deity. This temple at Ernakulam, is an exception as it is probably the only temple in kerala dedicated to Anajaneya and consecrated by a Matadhipathi of Udipi.
From this small beginning the temple has reached the present dimensions, only with the blessings of the “Karya Siddhi Anjaneya” in the temple and with the sincere and untiring efforts of the temple management. Knowing one could get solace from all worries and cares of life by worshipping the Lord here, the inflow of devotees started in earnest from far and near. Undoubtedly now this temple stands as the ancient and well managed temple in Kerala. There is the Nagaraja prathishta within the premises, the only Upadevatha in the temple where Ayilya pooja and Abhishekams attract devotees in hundreds. The Sri Raghavendra Brindavan popularly known as “Lord of Mantralaya” was dedicated in 1994 and the few who have visited Mantralaya and the many who have not, worship this 18th century Saint here to get their wishes granted.
All the poojas and rituals are conducted strictly in accordance with the Tantrasara Vedic agamas and as ordained by the Udupi Madhwa Samsthan. The trustees have taken utmost care to keep the premises clean and to create a serene atmosphere conducive to worship by the devout.
A scheme was initiated by the Trustees with the co-operation of the devoted public to build a permanet structure like Sanctum Sanctorum with Vimana Gopuram on top, a Bajan Hall, Thidapally or kitchen, Swamiji’s room etc. With the concerted effects of all, a part of the project was completed in 1991 and Mahakumbabishekam was performed.
The second stage, the construction work of Raja Gopuram and connected hall was not touched then due to paucity of funds. By the grace of Anjaneya and with the full-hearted co-operation of devotees the second stage could be completed and has attained the stage of dedication.


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